The key technology here is the unique non-invasive DEEP Electroporation Technology, which creates new temporary openings in the skin for better penetration of nutrients.


It is paired with the Pep.Blu Serum, which delivers high concentrations of brightening and cell-stimulating ingredients, including growth factors, peptides, vitamin B9 and acetylated glutamine, into the dermis to stimulate collagen and increase fibroblast and elastin production for firmer-looking skin.



My hour-long treatment began with a soothing double cleanse before water microdermabrasion, during which a multi-mineral solution and small suction device removed deep impurities. Next was the DEEP Electroporation step, when my therapist ran a machine applicator, starting at intensity level 1, over my face. It felt like mild vibrations on the skin, but upon moving up to level 2, which is the highest level used on most customers, the pulses under my skin tugged at my muscles and caused a slight prickly feeling on the surface. While it was a strange sensation initially, it was not painful.


After first working on the left side of my face, my therapist held up a mirror. Compared to the right side, my skin was slightly more lifted around my cheeks and laugh lines were less visible on the left. As she moved on to the rest of my face, I grew more comfortable with the pulsing sensation and fell asleep.


The Pep.Blu Serum and electro-currents were then applied to my skin to allow for optimal absorption of the serum’s skin-loving peptides. A hydrating face mask completed the treatment, after which an LED light was shone over my face to enhance skin recovery. Post-treatment, my skin glowed and felt healthy.


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