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Apple Chan

好像用了3个月到4个月 慢慢看到的皮肤越来越好。还有我的朋友他们就看到我的皮肤越来越好他们就以为我在化妆,可是我什么都没有放,只是放了IDS产品出去了.

Wenda Lim

"Now as my dark sports have lightened, I feel more confident going out even to the gym or nearby market without worrying about how other people look at me!"

Jia Min
Mechanical Engineer

Doing a scar treatment on a bad skin condition, it won’t have much effect.

Kai Xiang
Video Producer

"I never thought that I would have this skin now. Comparing to last time when I had my acne and now, I feel very confident because I do not need to try to hide my acne before I go out. Basically that’s the difference - I feel happier."

Customer Service Executive

After I use IDS products, I don’t have to put any makeup. I gain back my confident!

Sales Admin Executive

"Your skin has never looked like that before.” And for a guy to say, I think it really makes a difference as you know how guys are so oblivious. And my boyfriend actually realize the change and he saw that my skin illuminates, so I was very happy."

Air Stewardess

I feel more confident because I don’t really need to restrict myself to go out, and to exercise on my own as well.

Eunice Leong
Graduate Associate